Trade Press Services in 2011: A Look Back

At Trade Press Services, we ghost write a lot of articles for management consultants and other professionals who advise companies on how to survive and thrive in a bad economy. So the question is, have we learned anything from all of these pieces, or have we, like so many others, “stuck our heads in the sand,” “laid low,” “cut costs rather than increased revenue,” or broken any of the other rules that our clients have spelled out?

I’d like to think that at TPS, we’ve followed their advice quite well, and the proof is in the results. As president of the company, I spend nearly my entire day on the phone, looking for leads, talking to prospective clients, nurturing relationships with existing clients, and cementing deals for new work. No “head in the sand” for me. As I wrote in the October edition of “TPS Writers’ News and Views”:

The news of a sluggish economy continues to plague many companies. Yet there will always be a need for businesses to communicate clearly, strategically and frequently with customers, prospects, employees, vendors and other key stakeholders. We recognize this reality and proactively engage in business activities to assist companies that have changing and expanding corporate communications needs.

The results? Through December, TPS had generated 21 new clients. Many of the new clients were outside of TPS’ traditional bread and butter business consisting of bylined articles in trade publications. For example, we saw great increases in requests for:

  • B2B success stories
  • White papers
  • Blogs
  • Publication in non-print outlets such as websites

TPS is adapting and staying ahead of trends in the industry. As more and more communication goes digital and to new platforms, TPS plans to be there. And we’ll continue to keep you posted on the latest developments in the industry via our Trade Secrets blog, our Facebook page, and our Twitter feed (@tradepresssvcs). Please contact us if you’d like to grow your client base, improve profits and communicate more effectively with all of your stakeholders.

Warm wishes and good business in 2012.

Gerri Knilans

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