Five reasons to add some color to your writing

Many of us are still producing printed documents in plain old black and white. Yet, the alternative, color printing is more affordable and available than ever, and at a high quality. There are several benefits to adding color to your documents:

1. Color can provide visual cues that direct the reader’s attention to certain parts of your document. If you want to highlight key product features, a quote, or a contact phone number, a splash of color will draw the eye to that section of the page.

Which headshot is more inviting, the left or right?

2. Color encourages readers to act.  A prospective customer reading your sales brochure is more likely to move beyond the cover if the piece uses color to appear inviting and welcoming.

3. Color conveys emotion. Red is an attention getter and expresses vitality. Green conveys freshness and health. Yellows are happy, while blue portrays a corporate look.

4. Color adds professionalism. Use of color in today’s world is expected from a professional company. Black and white print implies old technology and out-of-date methods, while color implies newness, freshness and cutting-edge technology.

5. Color adds personality. Since we live in a virtual world that often transcends borders, people like to see others (who they may not meet in person) when they view marketing materials or advertisements. The use of color brings life and personality to staff photos, images of customers in testimonials, and more.

What is important is to make certain you use color wisely. Too much color can detract from your message. Poorly-planned color schemes just convey ugliness. Lastly, remember to work with a graphics and marketing professional who can ensure that the color in all of your printed materials matches.


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