You can write a book!

2634195368_f43977317bIn business today, it’s not unusual to hear conversations that start out with “Some day, when I finish my book…” or “You ought to write a book.” In fact, writing a book is on many professionals’ “wish list” and “authors” are filled with excitement and anticipation as they picture themselves on TV, radio or in the news talking about their “best-seller”.

Then reality kicks in. First time authors discover just how much time and energy writing a book takes. It’s easy to go on overload and become overwhelmed by the hours spent writing, re-writing, editing, researching and pitching agents and publishers. What was first thought of straightforward project can easily turn into a nightmare with many sleepless nights, frustration and disappointment.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you have a good idea, you can write a book. How? By working with Trade Press Services. We can help transform your ideas, experiences, wisdom and opinions into a well-crafted work of prose.

First, think about what original or unique perspectives you have. Identify what your bookshelfcompelling life experiences are that can be shared with others. Think about your ideas, beliefs and/or accomplishments that can help others. There’s always room for a new book that teaches, motivates, inspires, guides, and/or entertains.

Once you identify the premise for your book, then consider your audience. Who would benefit from your story or the information you want to share? Believe it or not, just knowing what you want to write about and for whom is half the battle.

Trade Press Services’ skilled, experienced writers can work with you to develop themes, break them down into chapters, and translate your thoughts and ideas into words on the page. We can interview subject matter experts or do original research to add context and credence to your manuscript. Working with a production schedule and set deadlines, Trade Press Services ensures that your project stays on task and on time. We make it easy for you, guiding you every step of the way. We’ll even help identify publishers that will ensure your book is professionally printed and bound. And it costs less than you might expect.

Yes, you can write that book! Start by contacting Trade Press Services today.

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