Five Great Reasons to Use a Freelancer

Freelancer. Originally, the word freelancer referred to a soldier for hire in the Middle Ages. Today it means an individual who provides professional services but doesn’t work for any one employer. Freelancers are common in many fields, including writing, photography, web design and graphic design. Although the word might conjure up images of a disheveled writer struggling to meet a deadline over a late-night cup of coffee, there are some good reasons why a freelancer might be the best option for handling your writing needs.

Cost. Many freelancers are very affordable and provide their services for a fraction of the cost of an employee. This is because freelance work is typically very competitive and the marketplace is very fluid—there is little job security, and a freelancer must prove themselves with each and every job. Competition drives down price. Also, remember that you won’t be paying benefits, providing office space, or purchasing equipment for a freelancer. As your marketing and public relations budget shrinks, a freelancer may be a great value.

Timeliness. Oftentimes, freelancers can turn work around quickly, especially if they are between assignments. Moreover, freelancers are used to working nights, weekends and holidays, so that big job that has to be done by Monday morning may not be a problem when it’s assigned to a freelancer Friday afternoon.

Expertise. A good freelancer is a highly qualified professional. Good writers know how to research, interview, analyze, compile information and put it all together in a creative, compelling way. In addition, a good freelancer is steadfast, resourceful and flexible. These skills are essential because freelancers are always auditioning for their next paying job. Remember, just because someone is a freelancer doesn’t mean they’re less qualified. Most freelancers prefer being their own bosses and enjoy a career that lets them set their own hours. They bring skills as good as, even better than, a full-time employee, because they are constantly honing them in the rough-and-tumble free market.

Background. Freelancers come from a diverse and varied background. Because they work with so many different kinds of clients, they have to be comfortable in a wide variety of industries and with subjects they know nothing about. They are fast learners, quick on their feet, and may bring a unique perspective to your company and its needs. Freelancers won’t have the “blinders” that your employees may have after years at the company, and won’t be “too close to the subject” to offer fresh ideas and insight.

Freedom. If you’re a company owner or manager, it’s unlikely that your job description includes “annual report writer,” “white paper editor,” or any of the other tasks you may suddenly find yourself doing. And it’s doubtful that you have the time or inclination to master the latest edition of the Associated Press Style Guide. Hiring a freelancer allows you to focus on what’s most important about your job—results and the bottom line—while turning over technical duties to a competent and experienced professional.

The case for freelancers is clear. The only question is: why aren’t you using more of them? Call Trade Press Services today. We have a stable of talented freelance writers ready to tackle your next project.

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