When the article doesn’t mention you

An article appears in your company’s trade journal that grabs your eye. It’s a story about exactly what your company does, and even features one of your clients. It’s well-written, accurate and factual, but…

articleWhy doesn’t the article mention your company?

Why didn’t the reporter who wrote the piece call you? After all, your company is the leader in this line of work. How can anyone write an article on this topic without consulting you and even think the piece could be complete, you ask yourself.

This is a problem that many companies face. They know they’re the thought leaders—the innovators, the trendsetters, the movers and shakers—in their field. Their competition knows it, and most of their clients and potential clients do, too. And then the company CEO opens up the Wall Street Journal or the quarterly trade magazine, or skims a website only to see an article written about the company’s bread and butter, with no mention of the company.

Why doesn’t the article mention your company?

The problem is, reporters only know what they know, and even then, they forget. So it’s up to your company to make certain that reporters and editors at publications for which your company is a good fit to know who you are and what you’re about.

A press kit is essential. It will contain facts about the company, such as its history, accomplishments, awards, product line and how to reach key company figures (and include their bios).

But a press kit is only good if it’s in the right hands. Knowing which publications are likely to report on topics of interest to your company is key. Then, the next step is building relationships with editors and reporters so that they understand that a piece on widgets has to include your company’s take on the situation, or it’s not a complete story.

Sound daunting? It can be. But Trade Press Services can help create everything from your company’s marketing materials to identifying the publications that fit your company’s profile and making contacts with the right people. Call us today at (805) 496-8850 or e-mail gerri@tradepressservices.com.

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