Six tips for your slow season

Does your business have a slow season? If your company is like most, there are certain times of year when business really hums, or when there seems to be more work than there are warm bodies to handle it. For example, year-end is a busy time for retailers and companies looking to meet annual goals. And every CPA and tax preparer is aware of the IRS deadlines for personal and corporate taxes, and schedules their vacations accordingly!

slow season
The slow season isn’t time for water cooler chat.

But it’s not just important to step up during the busier periods of the year. What your company does during its slow season can impact it substantially.

What your company does during its slow season can impact it substantially.

Rather than viewing the slow season as a time for extended chats at the water cooler, here are some valuable tasks your company could be accomplishing that will make its busy season even more profitable.

  1. Marketing planning. The arrival of the busy season should not be the time to consider marketing decisions. Marketing plans should be in place and ready to roll out in preparation of your company’s most active months. Take the slow periods to analyze and develop marketing plans so that you’ll have one less thing to consider later.
  2. Researching new markets. Going hand-in-hand with marketing planning is exploring new markets in which to sell your products or services. The busy season is not the time to speak with a new customer; bring them on board when times are slower and you have the ability to give them the attention they deserve.
  3. Refresh your website. Your website may be a key part of your busy season. Make sure it’s up-to-date, modern in appearance and taking advantage of the latest technologies.
  4. Update collateral materials. Still using the same brochure from 2009? That’s a lifetime in today’s business world. Use the “offseason” to bring your marketing and sales materials up to speed.
  5. Read. What are the key books and articles that have been published in the last year? Take advantage of slow periods to catch up with the industry and improve your own skills.
  6. Write. Slow times are ideal for publishing white papers, trade magazine articles or even getting started on that book.

Trade Press Services can help you make the most of your slow season. E-mail us today to get started.

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