30 Ways to Promote Your B2B White Paper

B2B white paper

Research shows that white papers are an essential component of any marketing strategy. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 70 percent of B2B companies rank white papers as one of the most effective forms of marketing content above videos, blogs, newsletters and online presentations. White papers are proven to move prospects through the sales funnel and can have a major impact on their buying decision. In a recent study of B2B purchasers, white papers ranked as the second most influential asset, just slightly behind product brochures.

Marketers and thought leaders commit effort, resources and money to developing white papers and then bury them on their websites where no one will see valuable content. Without proper promotion, a B2B white paper can simply fall flat. To avoid this common mistake, develop a multi-prong approach to promote your B2B white paper. This approach will enhance thought leadership, support brand image, drive website traffic and generate sales leads.

Tips for Marketing Your B2B White Paper

Here are some tactics for creating buzz around your white paper:

  1. Feature the white paper in several places on your website including the home page, resources section or news page.
  2. Send an email to your prospects and customers including a brief overview of the white paper and a link to download it from your website.
  3. Share the white paper internally and with key stakeholders.
  4. Promote the white paper on LinkedIn by posting a link on the company page and ask employees to share it as a status update.
  5. Share key statistics in several relevant LinkedIn groups in which you are an active member.
  6. Develop and distribute a press release announcing the availability of the white paper.
  7. Turn key points into separate blog topics.
  8. Host a webinar featuring the author and quoted experts.
  9. Design an infographic highlighting key statistics and quotes.
  10. Schedule a series of tweets to share important statistics, quotes and industry trends or challenges.
  11. Develop a bylined article for an industry publication.
  12. Include the white paper in drip email campaigns.
  13. Feature the white paper in a newsletter.
  14. Post the white paper on your organization’s file-sharing platform.
  15. Develop telemarketing scripts about the white paper for cold calls by business development representatives.
  16. Announce the white paper to existing customers as part of nurturing campaigns.
  17. Include information from the white paper in sales presentation decks.
  18. Turn it into a PowerPoint presentation and upload it to SlideShare.
  19. Share the link and highlights on your corporate Facebook page.
  20. Create a video teaser and upload it to YouTube, your website and social media channels.
  21. Share infographics on Instagram and Pinterest.
  22. Develop speaking topics based on the research and look for presentation opportunities at industry events.
  23. Include a link to the white paper in email signatures.
  24. Contact industry influencers and ask them to share the white paper with their networks.
  25. Write guest blogs for industry sites and publications.
  26. Create a print layout and distribute it at conferences, tradeshows, during sales appointments, etc.
  27. Develop talking points or a “cheat sheet” highlighting key messages that salespeople can use in their calls, emails and meetings.
  28. Ask industry associations to include the white paper in their websites’ resource sections.
  29. Seek out earned-media coverage through radio, print or broadcast interviews based on the topics presented.
  30. Record a podcast discussing the white paper’s topics and featuring authors and industry experts.

Increasing the Reach of a B2B White Paper

A strategic approach to promoting your B2B white paper can help you reach a broader audience, attract new leads and covert prospects into customers. Build excitement and anticipation for your white paper in advance through teasers via email and social networks. Choose the tactics that work for your organization to maximize the reach of your B2B white paper through every stage of the sales funnel.


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