Go for the Jugular – Jugular Marketing

jugular marketing

In marketing, “Go for the jugular” is a phrase that describes a jump-start approach to supporting a company’s business development goals. It is aimed at getting to the heart of an issue and doing it quickly. It is an “in your face” marketing tactic, which is anything but subtle. Jugular marketing involves stepping outside the box, taking risks, trying new things and grabbing people’s attention.

When companies take this approach, they tap into the lifeblood of the business with innovation, guts and practical actions. It’s about numbers and accountability. While jugular marketing by nature is not a strategic or long-term approach to conducting business, the concept does offer short-term value based on the need to boost sales now.

Jugular Marketing – Goals

Jugular marketing works best when the company needs to achieve these goals:

  1. Generate more profits and cash flow. To accomplish this, avoid paralysis by analysis. Go directly to the sales team and ask for their ideas. They are risk takers who know how to get the job done.
  2. Introduce a new product or service. Offer guarantees that make the buying decision easy. For example, simplify the company contract or agreement for services. Include a performance or money-back guarantee and/or a discount based on a limited time offer.
  3. Enter a new market. Profile existing customers. See what attributes they have in common and look for similar customers in different industry or geographical sectors.
  4. Increase market share. Be bold. Change the sales process. Customize the approach to address unmet needs. Automate the follow-up system to make sure opportunities don’t fall through the cracks.
  5. Build market enthusiasm. Use an online video to promote the business. Plan a special event. Generate media coverage. Remember to create vivid and creative messages and appeal to the benefits—not features—of your product or service.

Jugular Marketing Involves Taking Risks

In the end, jugular marketing is all about timing. It is designed for companies whose short-term outlook needs an infusion of enthusiasm and a “can-do” attitude. It engages and aligns everyone in the company toward a very specific, measurable goal.

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