It’s Time to Focus on the Positive

There’s no question about it. The daily news provides a heavy dose of economic, societal and political woes. In the face of all that negativity, it’s a good time to focus on the positive and remember the value of gratitude. If you’re having trouble visualizing or verbalizing what to be happy about, here are some ideas to consider.

30 Ideas For Focusing on the Positive


1. Being proactive in making things happen
2. The beauty of nature
3. The camaraderie of teamwork
4. The satisfaction of accomplishing something important to you
5. Seizing an opportunity to give to others
6. Making someone else’s life or job easier
7. Learning a new skill or craft
8. Laughing at yourself
9. Listening to music from any era
10. Lasting friendships
11. Celebrating holidays with family and friends
12. Good health
13. Unexpected gifts, treats or surprises
14. A good book, play or movie
15. Crossing something off your to-do list
16. Getting published or being recognized as an industry leader
17. Remembering something important to someone else
18. Receiving or giving friendship cards
19. Reconnecting with a childhood friend
20. The process of innovation
21. Adopting a pet
22. Giving to your favorite charity
23. Starting a new career
24. A day without cell phones, tablets or computers
25. Crossing something off your bucket list
26. Finding a bargain
27. A child’s delight
28. Unanticipated hugs
29. Chowing down on your favorite comfort food
30. Enjoying a meaningful and inspirational spiritual moment

Is the Glass Half Full?


When faced with life’s setbacks and challenges, it can be hard to adopt a “glass half-full” attitude. In fact, being positive is in direct opposition to our natural instinct to look for and avoid threats. While this survival mentality served the cavemen well, today it only breeds pessimism. Psychologist Martin Seligman says that optimists do better at school, work and in extracurricular activities. Additionally, they have better overall health and may even live longer. Optimists have less stress and are more fulfilled than their pessimistic counterparts. When the glass seems half empty, reflect on all that is good in your life and, when in doubt, “fake it until you make it.”

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