Five types of YouTube videos every company needs

Is your company using YouTube as part of its social media campaign? If not, it should be.

Is your company using YouTube as part of its social media campaign? If not, it should be. While not as ubiquitous as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, YouTube is the go-to destination for posting videos, whether they’re family home movies or HD-quality, professionally filmed pieces. They’re easy to upload, tag, edit and embed on your Facebook page or website.

What kinds of videos does your company need? YouTube expert James Wedmore has identified five kinds of videos that every company needs to have on their YouTube channel:

1. The Trailer. “The Trailer” tells the story of your company. It should include a strong call to action, such as encouraging the viewer to subscribe to your YouTube channel. A good example of a “Trailer” video is one produced by Bia Group, a manufacturer of machinery for the mining industry. Their call to action at the conclusion video (translated from the French: “Discover soon the entirety of this video on our site and our YouTube channel: Africa biagroup.”

2. Just the Facts. Presenting viewers with statistics is a great way to provide information in a compelling fashion. This Keywest Video does a good job of meshing numbers with on-camera talent to convey the rapid growth and conversion rates for online video.

3. The Customer Success Story. Don’t make potential customers take your word for it. Let the marketplace hear about your company from your clients, in their own words. Backup specialists Veeam do a great job with their client success story in this video.

4. The Q&A Video. How do you position your company as an expert in the field? By hosting a question and answer session. Let clients come to your YouTube channel to have their FAQs answered PDQ. Here, the Western Virginia Land Trust, a small environmental non-profit in southwest Virginia, presents a Q&A with a national expert.

5. The How-To. How do I fix a leaky faucet? How do I claim an education credit on my income taxes? How do play “Rocky Raccoon” on the guitar? Lucky for you, online guitar teacher Justin Sandercoe shows you Rocky from the inside out in this instructional video.

The best part about many of these videos is that they don’t have to be difficult or expensive to produce. In many cases, in-house marketing staff can create them, or if necessary, seek out the professional help of outside agencies.

Don’t delay—get your company on YouTube today!

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