Five keys to great newsletters

If you’re going to do it, do it right. No business wants to produce a terrible newsletter. Unfortunately, there are many of them out there. So if your marketing plans call for creating a newsletter this year, follow these tips and best practice suggestions.

1)      Make the newsletter attractive. Use borders, backgrounds, appealing colors and popular fonts. A newsletter is an extension of your brand and should be consistent with your look and feel.

2)      Use the services of a professional graphic designer. A graphic designer will create the format, color theme and artwork so that you just need to drop in copy. Remember, content needs to be interspersed with graphics to make the newsletter engaging and readable.

3)      Content needs to be clear, concise and well-organized. Readers are busy and they need information in snippets, not long treatises. Of course, proper grammar and punctuation are essential. Remember to proof your newsletter before distributing it.

4)      When it comes to content, focus on benefit-oriented ideas and topics. Think about what problems you solve for readers. Include a list of resources, special events and websites where readers can get more information.

5)      Include links, but not attachments. That way, readers can select only the content that interests them.

6)      Provide an “opt out” option in case recipients do not want to continue to receive your newsletter. That’s not just the law—it’s a sure sign of a professional.

There you have it. If your company newsletter doesn’t pass this litmus test, it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

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