Five benefits of self-publishing your book

If there is any one word that can describe 21st-century media, it’s “non-traditional.” Our radio is broadcast from satellites, sent to our cell phones and streamed over the Internet. Our TV shows are recorded on little black boxes called “DVRs” and watched with pause, rewind and instant replay. And magazines are read on portable readers that can cost $300 or more—60 times the cost of a typical magazine.

Books and book authoring aren’t immune from this wave of change that all media are experiencing. While writing a book used to involve drafting a lengthy and complex book proposal that included such components as market research, a  target market description, and a few sample chapters, and only then searching for an agent who would pitch the work to a publisher, book authoring today can be much less complex and much more rewarding, thanks to self-publishing. If you are thinking about writing a book, consider these five reasons to self-publish it:

  1. Cost. Self-publishing houses typically allow authors a greater share of the profit from the sales of their book. And often, you can choose to print as few (or as many) copies as the publisher is willing to print.
  2. Timing. Because there is no requirement for extensive market research or an agent search, books can go from idea to print in much less time.
  3. Content. It’s your book—the publisher prints exactly the words you want to see published.
  4. Design. Do you want a specific font or a certain photograph on the cover? When you self-publish, you control the look of your book.
  5. Control. The bottom line is that you’re in charge. If you want to retain control of your “baby,” self-publishing may be for you.

Of course, all of this control and flexibility means that the author has a lot more responsibility, as well. If the book is poorly written, if the jacket art is dull and lifeless, or if the layout is hard to read and confusing, there’s only one person to blame – you. And, if the book is in your garage and is not being marketed, you’re not going to get the personal and professional recognition you seek. It doesn’t even matter your book is a good one if no one knows about it. That’s why a strong marketing and media outreach plan is essential.

Fortunately, the professionals at Trade Press Services can help you write a great book and develop a stellar marketing campaign as well. You’ll still retain control, but the experts at TPS will guide and support you along the journey. Get started today—give Trade Press Services a call!

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