Want to Turn Insights into Action? Join Executive Book Clubs


In our personal lives, many people are involved in book clubs. The purpose might be to increase one’s commitment to reading or to connect with others over a common interest. Another reason is to pursue an intellectual conversation that leads to greater understanding of a topic or experience. Now that experience is available to busy leaders and executives who want to enhance their skills, drive innovation and address core organizational issues in a structured yet non-invasive way.

Executive Book Clubs

Ken Boxer, founder and CEO of Boxer Advisors, a consulting, coaching and training firm located in Bethesda, Maryland, has created Executive Book Club. This club offers a collaborative learning opportunity for senior leaders. The concept behind the club involves a unique format allowing participants to focus on their most critical challenges. They receive targeted feedback and ideas to test in order to meet their challenges.

Beginning in March 2016, participants will choose from a list of top business books. Then, they will read four during the year. Boxer believes that this is a manageable number and does not put any unnecessary stress on already busy executives. A logistical benefit of joining book clubs of this type is participants know which books to read during the year. As well, they do not have to choose from an overwhelming number of possibilities. By scheduling in advance, participants can calendar book-club participation just as they would business lunches or other corporate event. According to Boxer, “The best leaders know that there’s always room to grow and develop. The Boxer Advisors’ Executive Book Club is designed to help leaders reach the next level of effective leadership in a cost effective, high impact way.”


The first meeting of the club is Friday, March 18. Each session will be facilitated by Boxer and will focus on real-world application of the key concepts presented in each book. Additionally, a collaborative learning environment with other professionals will enhance participants’ leadership-development skills and expand networking opportunities. What better way is there to participate in an ongoing education program that requires such a small investment of time and yet offers significant rewards? For more information, contact Ken Boxer at kboxer@boxeradvisors.com.