Why Ebooks Are a Crucial Marketing Plan Component


Do you want to write a book, but don’t have the time to wait on the lengthy publishing format? Then consider writing an ebook. Ebooks have many advantages over traditional books. Here are just a few.

Advantages of Ebooks

  • They are quick and affordable to produce.
  • Got a lot to say? Ebooks can be any length.
  • You can offer them for free…or sell them for a fee – it’s your choice.
  • No brick and mortar stores or publishing houses needed – they can be downloaded from your website.
  • They are adaptable for reading on a variety of devices.
  • It’s easy to update the content.

Nonetheless, before you start writing, first determine who your target audience is for the ebook and your purpose. Is it to educate prospects, help current customers or demonstrate thought leadership? Ask yourself what you want the readers to know after they finish reading the ebook. The answers will guide you in developing content. And, just like with white papers, keep the focus on solving problems and/or taking advantage of opportunities, rather than only discussing your product or service.

As you know, you are limited in terms of how much information can be included in blog posts, articles and even white papers. This is not true for ebooks. As long as the ebook is well organized (no rambling allowed!) and well-written, length isn’t an issue. But don’t just create a book using only the written word. Like other marketing platforms, mix up the media used in your ebook. Make it visually appealing by using photos, graphs, images, charts and infographics. Include lists, tips and relevant quotes to break up the written sections. Add links to appropriate video and audio content stored on your website. You can even add a call-to-action that takes readers to your website. This allows you to measure the number of clicks resulting from the ebook to measure the ROI.

Ebooks Versus Traditional Books

One caveat – don’t throw together content and think your ebook is ready to share with others. As with any other marketing piece, there is a draft and revision process necessary to ensure content is of high quality and will engage readers. If writing and/or designing is not your gift, seek assistance from professionals.

When it’s ready, promote the ebook to everyone via email, press releases and, of course, through your social media channels. By switching up your content and including ebooks in your marketing mix, you provide additional reasons for prospects to visit your website regularly. So go ahead – write your first ebook!

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