Cut through the Media Noise with Editorial Coverage

Attention business owners, marketing professionals, and sales executives. Adblock is not your friend. Neither are Google ads.

Facebook? Only if you don’t mind competing with “If you were a reptile, what reptile would you be?” and pictures of Bob’s trip to the beach

Twitter? Radio? TV? Direct mail? Cold calls?

Face it—it’s hard to get your message out there these days, with so much “noise” competing for attention. Traditional methods of finding customers through venues like trade shows have fallen under your potential clients’ travel budget axe, and with spam filters and ad blockers, even the Internet has turned into a wasteland.

Fortunately, there is still a great way to get your company’s products and services in front of prospects. It’s affordable, easy and effective. It’s called editorial coverage in trade publications, and it’s probably the one medium that your potential customers still value and trust in an age of e-mail fishing and web hoaxes.

Think about it—even when times are tough, your potential clients still need to keep their fingers on the pulse of their industry. They may not attend this year’s expo in Las Vegas, and they’ve probably cut back or postponed some major purchases. But they’re not about to be left in the dark when it comes to the latest industry news, whether it’s reported by their industry association, professional organization or other group, in a magazine or journal, or on a website.

Your goal as a potential business partner for these customers is to get into what they’re reading—to be featured prominently in that trade publication. And not in some black and white ad. We’re talking about a feature story or column that positions you and your company as the thought leaders in the industry—the guys and gals to call when it’s time to make that purchase.

Sounds great, right? But how do you make it happen? That’s where Trade Press Services comes in. We provide editorial contacts, article placement, and writing services to make sure your company gets in print—guaranteed! The professionals at Trade Press Services are writing and publishing experts and can help your company reach new customers through white papers, corporate blogs, books and other media as well.

So take a break from the tweets, the fan pages, the SEO, the whole lot. Those things may have an a place in your marketing mix, but if you’re serious about positioning your company as the clear leader in its industry, editorial coverage can’t be beat. Give Trade Press Services a call today at (805) 496-8850, or e-mail me at

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