7 Tips for Creating Engaging Marketing Content

marketing content

Producing marketing content that connects with your target audience is a balancing act. You want to convince prospects that your company offers the best services or products. Yet, continually pushing overt sales pieces may disengage the audience. The right mix involves generating content that grabs their attention, provides relevant information and persuades them to contact you instead of the competition.

Here are a few suggestions to assist you in creating content that your target audience will want to read.

  • Research what your ideal clients are interested in reading and learning about. For example, are they looking for how-to practical suggestions, solution-based information or the latest trends in your industry? Provide answers to their challenges.
  • Study which posts on your website and social media sites received the most comments, retweets and likes. Develop similar content for future marketing pieces.
  • Vary the content format. Offer information in videos, newsletters, white papers, blog posts, webinars, articles, case studies, ebooks, podcasts, Infographics and reports.
  • Repurpose your content. Take information from a whitepaper and turn it into an infographic. Or use a portion of a webinar to write a focused blog post.
  • Help prospects find your content by improving your SEO. Include targeted key words in the URL, title, first paragraph (ideally the first sentence) and meta descriptions.
  • Determine what makes your company stand apart from the competition. Share this uniqueness in ways that address customers’ needs and wants so they view you as the answer to their problems.
  • Examine the information from other sources that you share with potential customers. Figure out why you are passing along this content; is it helpful, news-worth or shows you care about a particular topic? Create content that meets similar criteria.

Include a call to action in your marketing content


Finally, include a call to action. Ask for an email address before prospects are able to download content from your website. Encourage visitors to contact you to learn more about the solutions to the challenges they face. And continue to provide relevant and interesting content so they have a reason to return to your website and follow you on social media sites. Then, when they have a need for your services or products, your company may be the one they remember. To learn more about how TPS can help you create engaging marketing content, please call 805 496.8850.

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